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may go on for a long time with but little impairment

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akin to those in China, dissection made its way into Japan, the

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mal smallness of any part of the skull is indicative of imper-

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exert the most beneficent influence on old and young by

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A writer in the " Annales d'Hygiene Public " suggests that the white glare of

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Mass. (Worcester), District Medical Societies ; Bennington,

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some way remove the mucus, or mucopurulent discharge from

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of paralysis, in which there was no inco-ordination, the

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affected with dermato-myositis for eighteen months before her death.

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these results. Where did they get that septic poison — where did

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cessfully in the following cases: — Naevus, lupus vulgatis,

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There is a decreased number of red corpuscles, and they

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crystals, which do not polarize light. These two salts, urate of soda

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excess of cocci. Besides these, there will be occasion-

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and limbs in the sensations evoked by the prick of a, jnn and by stroking

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esting things that I have read coming out of the war.

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to schools in North Carolina in September 1939. The law as written,

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Board of Heidth. In- dosrd witli an «'loqurnt reference

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Species 2 : Hsemamceba relicta, Grassi and Feletti. Syn. : Hsemamceba

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The expulsive efforts having been quieted by opiates, next

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Castor-oil, notwithstanding its unpleasant taste, is, on the whole,

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murmur, sometimes denominated jerking, in which the inspiration appears to

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in October, 1863, 103 persons sat down to a feast, of which sausage-

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ary magnet has not povver enough to exert much influence

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Its results moreo'ver, are permanent — not transitory,

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piere has been no interference with the hands. ( £ Ann. d'Hyg ' 1830 2 420 )

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pression of urine by removing a calculus obstructing an ureter. I fear

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out are taken with him in the ambulance. The horse, saber, and

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localizing symptoms slight and transitory, and in the

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Upon starch diet, first day, grains, 30.45 ; second, 19.68 ; third, 12.07 , fbuHli,

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The condition of the bladder must be carefully examined in

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vesicles, taking these off very thoroughly without much contamination

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against taking it for granted that all men, who have hysterical symp

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