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the interior ; occasionally, however, it starts from the periphery, and it

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elastic ligature of Hegar. Second. By securing early union

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are common. The auditory nerve is swollen and surrounded by the exudate.

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Of interest in this connection is the observation that in cases

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the concha. Hot fomentations were employed, and the

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first clonic convulsion may quickly change to tonic spasm, which then

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approaches near to its term of gestation. Another Ann rican

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par with that of the electrician who essayed to treat

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death by obstructing the circulation. Under such circumstances this

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have done very well without any quinine at all. — The

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The pelvis. Joints. Lower extremity. Thora.x. Upper extremity.

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Instead of a slide a square cover-glass may be used and if the edge

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The patient, a girl, J. S., aged 14 years, was under my care

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University. A biU to this effect has been introduced into the Legisla-

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may have enabled them to render very useful services to the suffering,

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cal signs; affections of the brain, unaccompanied by ac-

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necessity for violently squeezing the abscess after it is opened,

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Sicilian sailor. He made several voyages between Sicily

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greenish, cheesy pus has accumulated around it ; in

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Gyuffic. & Psediat., Phila., 1889-90, iii, 52U. — Custodio

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put on low diet, and are only allowed fluids ; a little milk with ice, and after-

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You wiU find a very curious illustration of this fact in the first volume

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serted so as to be extra-articular. A drainage-tube was placed

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Kennett Tumor Conference, second Tuesday (every other month), 12:00 noon, Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center, Kennett, MO

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ing dilated by tearing, pus evacuated, partitions broken

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of the old L. ruber, Hans Hebra says that the patient complains of

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