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of the dose. "The kidneys of the animals killed twenty-

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cre, says : " Whether we can distinguish between the true

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other hitherto proposed. Yet all who have treated this disease

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Huston, John Walter, Asheville; Rush Med. Coll., 1904 1912 1913

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secretion in the nasal mucous membrane, which differs

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follow iu the train, and before he knows it he is regarded as a gourmand,

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Most of the sand deposits of our country are not practically avail-

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bowels sufficiently open without causing uneasiness, and usually

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tion of the symptoms of this affection, we read: — " When we are

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decrease in the supply of milk, diminished fecundity also inflicts

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of flexible rubber steam tul)ing, for carrying steam

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cines in this affection, that the great majority of coses tend to get well

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depressed ; she complained of headache, faintness, and thirst ;

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hirth it was diseovered that fieies anil urine were ])asse(l from the

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ready to recei.'e all orders and supply them with punc-

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Of the fifty-three cases, nineteen involved the ascending tho-

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nicely at the end of a week and went out in his motor car for a

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the apex transmitted to the left axilla and back. Blood

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rectum is most common in children of poor mentality

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exposure to wet, and residence in damp and cold climates, also favour the

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fining himself to a limited though natural division of his subject, the

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months 1962. Unopposed, good schools, churches, roads,

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" the shivers," as he described it, " came on again," though

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first intraspinal treatment produced a provocative Wassermann reaction in the

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toward rehabilitation. Interventions to assist patients

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