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dence of very extensive disease; at a short distance
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■d mZ rx> ssiblTn 7 ' in u*? V1 T n > be f ° rmed ind cpendently of pregnancy,
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Before we close this analysis, we will notice one difficulty
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The State Hoard of Health of Pennsylvania, re|)resented by
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•ii9 9. P S ^-O O'^ aa^^^u .-d b«8 o8 £ C2 9'a St) S.>
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the fact that "cancer is not a hopeless disease, and that the earlier
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ing the same ; in fitting the shoe unto the horses foote, in
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of the operative field in obstetrical work. While the ne-
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pigments produce precipitates after being added to the urine, so that the sediment
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murmur is due to centripetal movement of the blood. (8) The
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say that there was no mention of it in the post-mortem
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cervical glands, and history of contagion will assist in the
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consolidated portion of the integument, encompass the digestive and
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Radical Cure of Corns. — In the number of L'Abeille Medicale of
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ditions as hepatic abscess, chronic sepsis, osteomyelitis, and so on.
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feet to each man. Practically, the average number of men to each
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by ovarian cyst, 280; double femoral, 424; femoral,
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Dr. Hale of Adams Centre, a very able practitioner, was called
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idi'.idual inin t\.,,,. I'luler f.ivnur- I' "■■••- \'"""'<''- ■''I'i'ill-i- ti'"" ■' cum ur
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case report, Am. J. Obst. & Gynec. 76:539, 1958.
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thing like success. This subject is too important for theory to guide us
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adherent to the shaft at the time of the accident. The sharp
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Ijiibker (K.) Eiii Liitfelelevatorium fiir die Heraus-
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tion in Medicine and the Health Sciences, PO Box 24902, UCLA,
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not at all, or only with an unintelligil)le answer. She does not know

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