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with safety that no child will ever be born to the

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by prolonging the frictions beyond the time necessary to destroy the acari, and

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jection was first employed but discontinued for reason

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ing it to be the medium of nervous communication between the

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vened desquamative nephritis, general anasarca) ami oedema of tin'

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OF War in America. All these cases, which are reported

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aa the cause of chorea, and took no notice of the condition of the cusps of the

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Dr. Albee on the Vis Medicatrix Naturae ; Dr. Greene on Ovariotomy, on

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Ih™ Vi8°37). Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official i. 13 4-

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The results, perhaps, might be more conclusive, if instead of milk some other

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ered with shortening, which I regard as almost a necessary result of

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first described the fatty pseudohypertrophies, and later, in 1868, spoke

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This is apparently dependent upon the degree of acidity of the urine,

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Bulloch, Wm., M.D., Bacteriologist to the. London Hospital, and Lecturer on

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injected in thousands of healthy children as a preventive

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may be frequently traced to delusions connected with the devil.

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His delusions are all gone, and his mental powers are fair enough,

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care must be taken in the preparation of gelatinized serum, and also in the

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Profession. And this result has a wider application than

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syphilitic affection of the lungs in infants so-called white hepatisation

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so that the affected half of the face is distinctly smaller than the healthy side.

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