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the bacilli as one of the strongest evidences against the
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.first aid, quackery and cleaning out medicine cabinets are covered.
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. IIomatroi)in as" a cvcloplegic. Am. J. Ophtb., St.
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Medical Association, Mr. Ciiakles Higgins states that painful ulcers of the
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shoulders worse ; some swelling of wrists. Sclerodermatous con-
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the way home moralising on the vanity of greatness, as -nell as the muta-
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Then, as usual, it slept apparently for a while, to reappear and
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probably non-contagious malady, with a special symptomatic cxanthem
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4th. The extraction of foreign bodies from the larynx or air-
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Ocelli absent ; elytra very short and broad, so that the abdomen
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from the operations. These cases are common cndugli,
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The symptoms of gouty nephritis are similar to those of chronic inter-
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is reached, the last part of the organ being a simple smooth-
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much good, because the presence of anaesthesia makes it highly
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cytosis, and leukopenia). Also aplastic forms without megaloblasts and with a yellow
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of serous fluid. The pericardial fluid was slightly in-
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the surface with all of the bile. Stools now contained no bile. A Jacob's
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tion the customary efforts toward getting the bowel as empty
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clinical symptoms. It occurs more commonly in children
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J. Da Costa, M. D., Physician to the Episcopal Hospital.
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tories with shower baths, hot as well as cold water, since cold water
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1882, 287.— CSibney (V. P.) Tubercular osteitis of the
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and three to four weeks before recovery. Carbolic acid
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Tinctura Camphorce Composita (L. , E. , D. ), or Paregoric,
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Leeson Park at 1.315 inches, of which .410 inch fell on the 21st.

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