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eral bodily stimulation and not due to any selective

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spoke to her attendants. Between four and nine o'clock a. m.

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In the hope that I may help others, I hereby make this anatomical gift, if medically acceptable, to take

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advantage of, for during the past year 538 nurses were resident

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fairly well. But soon, some difficulty of breathing supervenes, com-

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the diveriiculum nor the obstruction, but the condition of the intes-

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bodies against which the subject leans or reclines, the examiner is to bear in

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work ; and a lad named Grayling stated that, while employed on the same kind

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ing a clean life — that which makes the eye of man and woman dwell on

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revealed only by a subtle analysis and a training in exact clinical observa-

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' Read before the American Electro-Therapeutic Association, Sep-

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of the pia mater, and is usually most abundant in the cervical and dorsal

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clinic '■ gives the nicest training for the responsibilities of practice," and better

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have persisted with remissions and are the two | the arms and legs. She is uncertain whether it was

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ceeds, which ends in a little bead — the blepharoplast — from which

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tous eruption, representing a hyperaemia, or even an inflammation, of the

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a day will increase the secretions, render the membrane moist,

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The committee decided to encourage the plate exhibit in

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is not the place^ nor is it our object in this review to discuss

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healthy. This, we learn from Article Second, on the subject

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no complaint of anything else, and stated that the pain was

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fourth class) and charge it with being the only one which sim-

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therapeutic resources, it must be admitted that meningo-encephalitis

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