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glands, hot fomentations, free incisions, and attention

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free air once more. I had no fear of the cholera, but the suffering and

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changes within, with loss of oxygen and new arrange-

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few threads of spirogyra in a glass dish containing .some

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healihresort. Med. Bull., Phila., 1896. xviii, 413.— Shoe-

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such remedies as aromatic spirits of ammonia, ether, strych-

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quently good may be obtained by the therapeutic use of

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Mechanical treatment Jor bow4eg. Of the innumerable

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nutrition, and is found over the ends of the terminal

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ith. To day there is a more free discharge of tolerably laudable pus

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are concerned. This always points either to some damage to the heart

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nia. 12T3 pages with 23 illustrations. Philadelphia and

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a little practice the copper-zinc wall of the respiration chamber may

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fever, choliemic eye, epigastric tenderness, and frequent vomiting. Of

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Librarj-, Worcester, on Saturday, March 9, 1872, pursuant to

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gitis. His obsequies were held at the residence of his brother on

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way-trucks, ships, butchers, cattle-dealers, smugglers, dogs,

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observed that the blood serum of a horse suffering from glanders

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sionis. The organisms have, apparently, a predilec-

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3. Double consciousness. — Double consciousness is another rare condi-

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about two minutes, care being taken that it does not

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