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We have thus, in brief terms, indicated the direction which physiological

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ostomy ought never to be done, as a rule, except where

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concretion. No adhesions of any kind existed. Scat-

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Let TiiuTH and falskhood gnipple. Whoever knew iruUi to be put lo ihe worse in a dee and open encounter?. Mitto

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able. Being black, these substances cannot be given with

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with the most decided benefit In eases in which the constitutional taint

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congestion of the conjunctiva, and nervous excitability.

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fession under obligation, by the publication of a work the want

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disease has been given by Dr. Satya Charan Mittra, which

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the greater differences of opinion are caused by the absence of any

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insignificance when compared with health. The publi-

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perature again began to rise rapidly — i.e., from lOO^S' at 3 p.m.

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sebaceous follicles ; they are generally associated with papules

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so; whereas it appears that they have abundance of words, but very little

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stem pessary, and does it successfully. It removes com-

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disease. As two-thirds, at least, of cases of eclampsia end in recovery,

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Warm Batha in Cerebrospinal Menlngitia. — Dr. Osier is

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is more often observed in tertian and quartan than in summer-autumn

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after another with relief only for a few months. It returned

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way they lived and wandered from country to country, so-

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The Boston alms house is a spacious well constructed edifice,

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May 3d, aged sixty-one years, from pneumonia. He had gone

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bo jk entitled "Three Hundred and Eighty-four Laparotomies for Various Dis-

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That it was oxalate of lime was proved in this manner. A

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