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which give accurate information, extraction of foreign bodies

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of one or both hands. Be careful not to use the ends of

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significance of this etiological fact is very great,

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ble that simple vaginitis will ever result in these complications. I am

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straight black hair, and a tallow colored and utterly expressionless face,

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extent than some other cities. The number of cases re-

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kidney. These plates I wish to exhibit to the Society as being

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fluids which penetrate it, favourahle to thcgrowthof the specific germs.

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The description of the arrangement for the continuous bath is

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to my hands.'' We have no doubt of its importance in such cases. Dr.

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by nitrites, potassium ferricyanide, acetanilide, and the pneumococcus.

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only temporarily insufficient. With rehef of the obstruction and clini-

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sidered, but, with a fair probability of effecting a cure of the epilepsy, the

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twenty days immersion of tlie Lody. In cases in which the

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Ambulatory automatism or wandering episodes have been observed

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Prof. McWeeney also showed this specimen, which con-

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rank and unpleasant smell. It is often sold for hepatic

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slightly pouched and has thick walls. The lumen of the stricture just allowed

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in the two classes above described — namely, extracts and emulsions.

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females, and the convictions 3. — Monthly Journcd of Medical Science, December

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conflict between an "auto-" and an " hetero-suggestion," success or

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