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The delusion of a monomaniac will be generally uppermost in his mind •

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the femur, sighting by the flat face of the tibia, the instrument will

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drainage and flushing of a gall bladder whose passage is so likely to be

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and wholly justifiable in the presence of obscure and dangerous symptoms.

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obtained by a study of any mortality table. If we selected one

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it is situated in the spheno-maxillary fossa. The fourth, which is the

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firmness of contexture which eftectually preserves their important

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Editor, 'W'illiam Osier, M.D., F.R.C.P., Professor of the Principles and Practice

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Sir William Lawrence as Sergeant-Surgeon to her Majesty ;

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mingled with starch corpuscles^ more or less broken down, and granular matter.

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been at all times due to the presence of a very small quantity

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easily be obtained for the dwellings in question, and hence a supply had

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able to that by the tube. A careful study of all the

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fracture, or by morbid growths originating in the bone-substance, or in

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dough can be made without making a sponge (if desired) by

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Obozr.,, 1891, xxxv, 725-733. — Pulnani (J. J.)

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and lessens litigation. This is the result of experi-

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The subject of seminal vesiculitis has received much more

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clotting, great enough to be detected by clinical methods, with

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the veins ; this solitary fact can bear with little

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lemonade, of the strength (about) of a drachm to the pint ; ice and

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peritoneal method. It is in this way that Israel has

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bone is light in color because it contains no blood and because

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May 1, 9 a.m. — Had a quiet night; pulse 120, full and strong;

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renders any treatment unavailing. With respect to this as well as the

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