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Sensory ■phenomena. — Pain is a prominent symptom in severe cases ; the
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the first eight months of pregnancy placental serum has a remarkable
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jins, causing " white 1^," may occur : the risk of separation
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whereby the foetal respiration is the more impeded ;
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obvious in the clinical observation of the disease. Thus, spas-
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are not always associated. ]More commonly the movement of the heart is
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in the selection of materials specially adapted to the
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previous diagrams were taken from, but not until a period
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as to be hollow, and in this situation it was five minutes burning, and
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that the State societies should make the defence of
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The Medical Examiner and Record of Medical Science. Edited by F. G.
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applied to any effluent from any system of sewage disposal ;
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disinfecting vessels of any size, including steam sterilizing chambers.
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pain, the ovum evidently separates from the wall of the uterus
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and the lateral regio inguinalis. In my judgment, the
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depresses and irritates the nervous system to such a degree
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they receive proper medical attention, to enable them to return
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derson, " On the Cattle-plague in its relation to Epidemi-
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The dia^osis is difficult in proportion to the scanty development of the
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and plain glass alternately are illustrated in colors.
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a circulation depressed because of acapnia and need-
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move normally. In some children the head always turns towards the
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Hospital ship Dreadnotighl £2000 ; the London Hospital,
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of any Humour can be effected by appropriate therapeutic
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excuse for carrying on the habit of tippling when health is restored.

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