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and etiology of uterine flexions and displacements. The

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' Dp. John Dancan Qnackenbos, Hypnotic Therapeutics, p. 88.

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when groups of small scars are found following the course of a nerve

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partially taught. In all civilized countries there are now

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ful work on the part of its practitioners, but rather because

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of the^ same family afflicted with it in one season, though fre-

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Functional and pathologic changes of a mild degree were observed

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cured until the Wassermann reaction is negative two weeks after cessation of

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Your Committee on Medical Legislation begs leave to make the

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he had been especially interested in the study of epi-

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auricle (S.v.c), (3) the body of the right auricle (Ra), (4) the auric-

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a bottle. Mind, it's eighteen-pence, which is the price of a

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For Rheumatism, Hysterical Affections, Epilepsy, Drobsy, Asthma,

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bies and pediculosis so that every soldier with scabies or severe skin

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of Elbenf, France, Vice-Consul of St. Salvador, to Edythe 5rar>-. second

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difficult to understand how patients suffering from achylia gastrica are

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and when the cordial co-operation of the patient can be relied upon.

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cultivation. We virtually know that this is so in the case of

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sounds may be no direct symptoms of disease or unsoundness

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cases the prostatic urethra is more or less damaged if not entirely

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;he conception that contagious diseases are conveyed

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respect to the tenth case, it is doubtful, whether the preceding

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Case II.— On October 7, 1898, Mrs. R. B., of Chicago, aged

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