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with its origin, that you can often detect tlie secret

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no disturbance arises one can reasonably expect efficient

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As regards habits, it may be briefly observed, that a r^ular method

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by vertigo, vomiting, and even in some cases by epileptiform convulsions,

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Of course, one would not expect to find that marked

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ache, and anorexia were her daily compan- of pepto-mangan (Gude), was given every

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gyrus and supramarginal lobule. The superior parietal lol)ule, or ujtper

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plete paralysis of the blood-vessels might ensue, or the case

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the above named purpose. The writer's own experience in its use is

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of the local treatment which was had recourse to. The arrest of the disease

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rectly in the line of downward action (Fig_. 2), the in- j

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left the hospital in good condition^ though in four of the

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been previously placed on record. In Dr. Caton's case

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through an article by Maurice Richardson, on extra-uterine pregnancy and pelvic

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judiciously employed. There would appear, from cases like

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the relief and comfort experienced by covering the exposed

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escaped into the trachea notwithstanding all the cure that was used to pre-

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form and degree of violence and irregularity; from the influenza,

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Blood analyses did not confirm the findings of King and Eppinger

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The standard methods of pericardiocentesis use a sub-

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5. Obedenare. De la tracheot. dans Voedeme de la glotte.

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It is to be admitted with regret that the appearance of the sixth vol-

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M. Paul Bert, his ancient rival in scientific discus-

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much better than the so-called Hempel's Jahr. . . . Such a work

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In the latter group the condition is symptomatic, and more appropriately

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at the apex ; both recovered. Then it occurred in a

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