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i. e., of greater density than the rest of the lung. When blood
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Aeti<>l()j;i(! des Friichttodes in der Geburt. 8^.
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lengthening the Christmas recess to a month. The three terms
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direct ingress of air ; and the freer egress of the bronchial sputa
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Johnson's account of the morbid anatomy of the kidney in
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the haemorrhage did not recur, and the child made a good recovery after
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of blood, which recurred for some time at regular monthly periods like
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characterised, is the symptom from which, when present, we date the
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rated tincture of opium were given in small doses, fre-
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Dr. Richardson was seventy years old, and came to this city after
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caecum, an X-ray photograph will generally decide the question,
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antiseptic solutions had therefore been maintained. The
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among ordinary physical phenomena. As a heated bar of iron
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the last attack, are still not unlikely to have a relapse ; and, again, that
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mechanical result — an emphysema necessitatis. At the begin-
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in length, in the biliary duct. — 3Ied. Times ibeen discovered. — Lancet, May 22, 1858.
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leg in the attempt to obtain Kemig's sign seemed to produce a great deal of
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can do this it must attain to a certain degree of tension. The
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peritODflBum or pleura, contains ^' fibrin of tardy coagulation.'' It is pos-
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tervascular spaces. This should teach us the precaution
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treated with injections of a concentrated culture of
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knob-like enlargement at one end. The adult encysted organism
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tions as the prime object of their lives, science before wealth,
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fell, with the appearance of one asleep rather than
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the state of the spinal column and of the lower limbs. I will abridge from
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Last of all, the court holds $500 a low and reasonable charge
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arterial pressure, the more considerable the slowing of the pulse.
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course, never higher, lest the patient be poisoned ; never
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longer be viewed as an essential disease. Vomiting in cerebral
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Phlegmasia Dolens.— Dr. McWilliams, of Thamesford,

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