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the plain figures exceptionally instructive. The anatomical points are strictly up
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in a person who had committed a crime, physical abnor-
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even fatal septicemia may liave its starting-point in an ulcer
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or rectouterine septum is a serious mishap, and liable
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field except the late Sir James Y. Simpson, whom, indeed,
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chloric acid; divide into eight cakes, and bake immediately in
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elastic ligature of Hegar. Second. By securing early union
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be authorized by a medical attendant. But the volume is not
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of at least eight of Shakespeare's plays, and the approxi-
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power displayed in a small compass which this battery is
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tische Wichtigkeit, Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1905, xxxi, 573.
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it was advised and not on account of suffering, and who
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is not every one that is born or trained to be a good reader,
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tates. Experimental studies have shown that various substances
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acquire something more by their industry than is sufBcient for their
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sional corporation in northeastern Wisconsin. Ideal
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ceived. The arm lost its temperature, but by the application of
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3.1 units of power are required, while for the tendo Achil-
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Dr. Rodman — In the discussion of Dr. Pfingst's paper said that in
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tion of the leg and foot supplied by this nerve. An injection
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ejected from the bowels being chiefly of a greenish-yellow color, and often
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19. Goldsmith GH Jr, Pence RE, Ratnoff OD, et al: Studies on a family with
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pearl-barley, nught be worth trying. The fowl is to be covered
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first communion, but toward the end, when in anguish
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just announced as his residence. This sickness was his last, and he died
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to scientific and hospital establishments, ultimately changed
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that bile may be absorbed unchanged from the alimentary canal in sufficient
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giren while it is being carried out. Of course, institutions where

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