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first to formulate clearly the law of gravitation. Edme

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other signs combined. It can be elicited by anyone familiar with a

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Brain and Diseases of the Heart." Dr. Burrows, however, evidently

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ease," by Mr. Robert Jones ; " Apparatus for Making

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sisted after an ulcer had healed, it might be useful, and

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the road, where it was left, as none of the men would take the trouble

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Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Anesthesia and Int. Med. Radioscopist. Pathologist.

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Description. — In yellowish, opaque, tough masses, brittle

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in the brain (by emotional disturbance, probably by

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articular surface upon its inner side, the angles of dis-

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As night comes on the intensity of the fever increases.

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grains), which increased doses are kept up for three days more.

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assistance. He did not mean to say that they intended

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getting rid of any septic condition found to be present. He finds

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seen in its last sickness, about two or three years ago. (It has been

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both sexes combined, and indicating that heredity occurs almost twice as

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definite cause, relevant in its properties, character, and modes of action

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des kystes paia tubaires. Semaiue gynec. Par^ 1896, i,

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In a nineteenth case (1884 ; age at onset 5^, months ; ill four and a half

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this ifland with as thorough a conviciion of the prevalency of

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forty there were, I think, ten lying in bed with hand-

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Thus the change since yesterday was surely for the worse.

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prominent physician of Center Co., Pa., died August 16, of

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his limb for aneurismal disease with much satisfaction after, and

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normal blood blackish-brown; the difference may persist for weeks.

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observation, rules for the selection and application of lenses of diflFerent

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