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ings of hospitals, asylums, homes, and orphanages are

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it was advised and not on account of suffering, and who

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veu, ancien Interne des H6pitaux, chef de Clinique chirurgicale a la Piti6.

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the long forceps. I advised, in case of a third pregnancy, premature delivery.

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and ataxia are so great as to render the patient perfectly

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every two hours. Astringent remedies are to be given with reference to

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cular cases accept freely the spittoons and the weekly cleansing of

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as the result of angina, of stomatitis, or of treatment with iodides. The

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gravity, and suggestive of cirrhotic kidneys. Thenj mny be »

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any subject, the rarer the opportunities one has for testing his experiments.

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ing; and, in persons labouring under these diseases, it does not

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cidium (embryo) in water in four to eight weeks; this probably enters

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Water (5900 c.c. of water p.M- day) 4 7^3 840 V .5530 1.81 }■ 11.19

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acuteness and power to read with atropinization was

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by ilu'ir own elasliciiy, and are closed when ihey ore drawn within the canula. Wheo

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form in its productions, and to become devious and irregular in

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fracture, but may consult the physician on account of

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and yet its integrity remain and be capable of regeneration

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is not Dr. McCourt's, but it is a most common error

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examination of the lungs will quickly aid us to diagnose

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vicinity being almost in a state of starvation. The only way to get

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demanded permanent quarantine, in essence, life impris-

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chlorosis, in thirteen of which a state of gastroptosis was

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Gac. m^d. de Ciirdeas, 1H9C, iv, 181-184. — Senielcder.

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1. The light cases without mental or nervous symptoms or intestinal

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epizootics in all parts of the world. No infectious disease of man and

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Cramer has pointed out, " hyperthyroidism is in effect a slight

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