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posterior fontanelle will generally be the lower or most easily reached by the

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tricles, including the valves ; and is prolonged by the muscular

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in the cutaneous area of the nerve in earlier stages of the paralysis;

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Mitra,^ Castor,^ Pacha,'' Blanc,* Hood,^ Goldschmidt,® Koch,^ Navarro,^

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and of short duration. Although microscopic examination of the left

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black, concave, circular crusts. In exceptional cases we may

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free incision made at the site of the wound, as nearly to

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effect of scratching, in order to allay the intolerable itching which at-

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which soon increases in size. On the thu-d day, the

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rabbit-skin hid over the uterus, and skunk and rattle-

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acquitted the prisoner. Although the mouth and throat may thus accidentally

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on the left bronchus, one on the right bronchus, three on the trachea,

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than pregnancy will produce all the mammary changes, their

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leukamia. He would, therefore, classify the infiltra-

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they heard the words of the Deed of Surrender read aloud. In this

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demanded permanent quarantine, in essence, life impris-

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and spleen, attended with obstructions in the portal, splenic and intestinal circulation.

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as at first, though the patient's health was somewhat better. In this case,

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life. The little child only look one very small taste.

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' species (Nat. Ord. Solanacece), is a powerful stimulant, and

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Hakmon, G. E. H., medical inspector, promoted to medical inspec-

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he had stated merely that he had found no report of

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