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Treatment. — When the discharge of blood with the urine is scanty and

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absorbed only in small quantities at a time ; or it may rapidly

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all the children the arms hung inert. The question has been

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incapable of feeling fatigue is the ideal, but the output of the

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throughout the organism; 2d, to a general augmentation of the

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the flexor muscles, are also larger and more numerous than the

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bringing myself before my professional brethren with a view to future

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each hand, pick out particles of the purulent mucous and place upon a

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Most of the sand deposits of our country are not practically avail-

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of whiskey daily for at least three months. None had

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the calf muscles ; (4) oedema along the shm ; (5) absence of marked

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Sometimes the disagreeable sensation may be intestinal. In other cases

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not associated with pneumonia, or the forerunner of pleural effusion. Time

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a valuable addition to the other purgatives; especially where the

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example by throwing themselves before a train, one of

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changes occur in the upper extremity, but the contractures and paraly-

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kidneys, and consequently a less amount of material passes through

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probabihty, whether death from suffocation has taken place or no.

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with it, and these had a very foul odor, indicating long re-

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the causation of the " presystolic " bruit, and to take away

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the first, except that it was slightly roughened by recent de-

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successful. ,Son\eiimes, however, it was nece.ssary to

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effected in three or four pains, he would not hesitate to

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adduce proof, that cases without pyrexia are those in which kidney

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depends on the presence of various parasites in the blood. The parasite

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