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that their administration tended to restore to the blood a fluid

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systemic, pulmonary, and portal circulations as well as

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cine; that both he and his wife had been great suf-

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and 29 cases isolated, respectively, in charge of Dr.

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the guano was the following : — He first digested the guano with milk

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talc, generally with the addition of a few drops of olive or

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In Roberts' series the bladder was involved in 21 and the urethra in

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immediate cause of death in 21 of 507 cases anal3'zed by Brinton. Of tt

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conditions as at other places — an expression which, com-

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tages for his method : i, anaesthesia is produced in from

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Case x. — Pneumonia of the up'per lobe of the right lung ;

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not species. Whether other proteins, such as those of the sexual cells

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driven rapidly. On October 27 it seemed best to kill the animal and

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within the shortest possible space of time. The medical problem

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ago, lie has followed his trade as a shoemaker; and in this

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from erosion or ulceration of the mucous membrane, or from a

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may assume the form of the original progenitor : or even that

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1S94. He was found unconscious in the street, and was

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due to foul air, as common air under pressure would not.

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education should be conducted, and by which they might be able

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with oral catarrh, the tongue is generally coated, the taste stale and

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agement of the fourteen State charitable institutions

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native, and employed as an agreeable addition to medi-

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