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systemic and local. Of the systemic, first in importance is the fever. This is
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in one third the cases of labor. I do not believe this is
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which both portions are very short, and do not seem dis-
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puscles and sera be incubated for long periods, fallacies may arise from
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frontal lobe a large cyst burst, which was partly removed. There was no rohef
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the tissues are most rapid, that growth is most evident, and
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regard to surgical intervention in individual cases of rupture of the
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seen the pulse reduced below fifty in the minute by antimony, and but
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been enabled to reproduce the latter in the Volume now before us, completed in
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I am not prepared to give an unqualified assent to any one of the
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1887, xix, 102-176. Erworlierre Drei liungsiirrderrru-
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order may produce manifold pathological changes in the
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a surgeon undertakes an operation for the relief of epilepsy,
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"being poorly." It is important that during menstruation she should
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mixing of medicines which has so strong a hold upon our English
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segment of the uterus, it would be folly to attempt
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[Abstract of an Introductory Lecture delivered before the
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depends upon the healing of the ulcerated surface; for the constitutional
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The meeting of the Southern Section of the American Laryngo-
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course may be pursued with other forms of opiate. If the opiate be rejected
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illness, until the night preceding his dissolution, it
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known that if two or three raw eggs are eaten at once,
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Within 30 calendar days following the completion of all
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during the febrile stage and later strychnia alone does just
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during the first fortnight after the operation from pneumonia,
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good many cases. It is not common. The most severe case I

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