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than one would expect would cause death, leading to the

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site the border of the eighth rib, to the left outwards for 2*4 inches. The open-

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On examination, I discovered a fracture of the tibiila about

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The practice of Vaking blooil, or administering poisonous substances of

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intestinal lesions were absent, though we have, in a few instances, detected

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Furthermore, the rates of growth appear to be proportional to the

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riments were made on the bodies of persons of all ages, and on coffins which

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ear. Choked disc developed; there was vomiting, rigidity

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caution in its administration to persons suffering, or presumed to be

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and in excessive irritation of the nerves, and (3) in cachexias. The

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these cases. To successfully operate upon one of these large herniae

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of the internal ear ; if bone con due lion lie bet-

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third, from one Bide of the body to the other, through the spinal cord;

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the evacuation of a quantity of green fetid pus. Two decal-

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pain is sharp, but of short duration, recurring frequently; the bowels are

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can also, to some extent, understand its curative influence. By relieving

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be expected. In the former case there is a cyanotic condition of the

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fluid accumulates internally, in the serous cavities, lungs,

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when and how to apply them? Injury may be doue, as well by

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During a period of forty-four months, July, 1861 to February, 1865, in the General

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from Paris to London by Dr Evans, dentist, who, in spite of much

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attributes to " irritation resulting from pressure against the

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baggage, and one field forge, in all thirty-six carriages per corps,

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phia and London: AY. B. Saunders Company, 1912. Cloth

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" It is erroneous, and likely to lead to the most injurious prac-

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