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the blood were examined with Bizzozero's instrument with the following results :

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which may be present in it will also destroy the lactic acid organisms

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I had ruptured the bowel. Under the circumstances this accident

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of crab-louse : its antennae consist of five artic-

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eased. That this intimal lesion is responsible for the further

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great stress upon the importance of the room in which

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physical causes of the like nature, there will of course be sterility. K r

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In this connection the following investigation of the

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Beamte, Berl., 1892, v, 373; 401; 429. Also, Reprint—

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ficiently stretched to bridge the interval. The uterus

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Victor Horsley, Keen, and others had attempted to ex-

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is all that is necessary. Now this ignorance is to be ascribed to the

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should be ready for operation by the spring of 1967. This suite, which will

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urged and scolded, and teased and bribed, and decoyed along the road to

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with good health, and does not modify the normal condition of the blood. The leuco-

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assisted preferably by whole-lime officers, but in the case

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the vagina without ascertaining precisely the state of

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cles, rubbing, warm baths, and the following remedies are

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fevers) in every stage of development, which from the account given

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