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effectual and desirable as a friendly and liberal int((rcourse and

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eqvialled by the graphic description of the displacements

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rheumatism^ without any later exacerbation of the same.

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bility of primary tuberculosis as the result of direct infection in sexual

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the S3 r mptoms cannot be relied upon for the diagnosis.

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employees not suffering from this concussion of the spine ;

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it because about a year ago she had found a peculiar worm on the

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tense and hard, resisting pitting, and would disappear in

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in health; and although, according to the author, dilatation is

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paled from their appearance of acute erythema, you must pro-

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dition as that which exists at the present time, an occasional

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Luft-Tenipeiattir und init den Kiedersclilagen fiir 1883 bis

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exists in paralysis of peripheral or infratemporal origin ; it does not occur when the

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On the morning of January I saw her for the first time.

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ping, and carbolized oil lint applied as a dressing; the hair of the head was pre-

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ed by L!,'ivin<:^ at short intervals a soluiioii of nitrate, acetate, and

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nodules quite hard and almost cartilaginous appear over

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children, and especially during dentition. Thomas says that he has several

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flakes of recent lymph. From a man aged 38, who had died

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stomach of a mosquito in the tropics, and here and in its thorax

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ductions from mathematical investigations as to what has been

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F. R. S. E. Fellow of the Iloyal College of Surgeons, and one

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cumulation of the products of decomposition, which is another source

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and hence, also, is the amiable philosopher so often obliged to

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tic, racemose tumor, elevated at its apex about IH inches from the bone, extending longi-

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