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affected. He reports two cases where the ganglion and
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stance the most to be lamented is, his setting up ^Agents, who cannot be
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the men who lead in these several specialties. The true
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centration of the active principle. The heart utihzes only a small
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faces are perfectly opposed to each other. The disturbance
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eruption, all conspired to confirm a favourable prognosis ; and so matters
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utricle, and the three membranous semicircular canals : to this part
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avoided, peeling off and tearing the tissues, and cutting
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of the adult and their distribution has been compiled by Gautier, as
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1884-1893 behandelten Falle von typhus Abdominalis. Inaug. Diss.. Leipzig, 1893.
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efficient factor in securing better medical education, wiser medical
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there is more likelihood of meeting with a troublesome or embarrassing flow
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ment of the blood and nutritiTe acts bj the presence and continued action of a specife
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Acute or subacute parenchymatous nephritis is often seen in tuber-
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Such obsolete and now meaningless terms as Peripneumonia notlia
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in the unheated normal serum. A precisely similar conclusion with
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treated in like manner, although the tear is usually only
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as^ long as the fermentescible substance is kept free hno
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which they were adherent. The man recovered well from the operation,
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abscesses, if stationary or advancing, should be dealt with
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nucleated" spindle cells interlacing at all angles. There
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ing the campaign as a whole, it cannot properly be said that the
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aggregate as much. He prefers not to give it in doses
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All branches are affected No interference with taste.
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account for the symptoms, and that she might be in a
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with acid fuchsin, eosin, or other plasma stains, but

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