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nuclear leucocytes. Dr. Mott from his investigations concluded that the con-
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its action upon the liver, in exciting biliary secretion ; for
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pended in consequence of the large number of cases.
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been no further symptoms of syphilis in the interval. There is
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* " As soon as fungi have developed themselves freely in animal fluids possessing spe-
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that this newly described reflex is perhaps a rever-
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the same course of treatment which he had before instituted,
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as nearly as possible to the bier. The face of the corpse was
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' Sydney Delaup. Annals of Surgery. October, 1902. P. 52:3.
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it is useless ; perhaps worse than useless. It must
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cataract extraction, for which we should feel grateful to Colonel
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to those physicians who voluntarily complete 150 credit hours of continuing medical education within a three-year
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The patient is told to open his eyes and look off at a distance. The
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These studies began in our America at a very oppor-
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about the real maintenance of asepsis, either from want
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physical causes of the like nature, there will of course be sterility. K r
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Under such conditions the processes and functions are
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2 Professor of Clinical Dermatology, Graduate School
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that it should be tried no longer than taxis in hernia, and should the
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It es)ieciaily which are appropriated to anatitmlcal purposes, have been made more extensive and
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dressed within fourteen days after the expiration of
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the bladder were restored to their normal state. Some time
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Scientists, it would reduce the per capita per physician to
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entrusted by the President of the College of Physi-

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