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in girls is most frequent'y found at this time leads to the
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bladder, 384 ; ligature of femoral artery, ib. ; dipso-
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Materia Medica and Therapeutics ; George Carley, Ph.
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ent, it is shown very clearly that the minimum and the mean lengths
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By means of a fountain syringe the conjunctival surfaces
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destroy the happiness of the naturally best child in existence. It may be
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and since we have seen that the excretor substance is evolved during
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most remarkable features of the disorder. An interval of several
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or such disinfecting fluid as the practitioner may deem best,
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tions exist as well at the base of the epidermis as at the
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in the work Dr. Butler has been doing, and have been more and more
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operation checked the hemorrhage at once, and in its place she remarked a
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nutritive demand by reason of the hypertrophied organs and the fetus, the
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On the 1 3th of this month a violent pain seized the left ancle,
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The indications of cure are, to remove all obstructions from
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trolling hemorrhage can be given to better advantage in
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•.\outui It -iMMt, J ill ih.- I'.iin. iiiii. ilu- iii,|., |i,. JiwJ<\i ..i •
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was familiar with classic as well as professional subjects, and his
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division of the Philippines, and will upon the expiration of his
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become general. The parish of Socorro, considered one of the
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University where medicine was taught. As there was no such
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on the destructive influence of tobacco-smoke on bacteria. Dr.

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