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meningeal determinations (iridocyclitis, arthritis, endo-

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Serum treatment has been employed since the discovery of organisms

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of recent years, was awarded to Dr. Ramon y Cajal, of

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she had had no fever, that on the morning of the 6th the temperature was 96. 05 ,

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ment of the urethra; laterally, it is also firmly attached to the rami of the

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a misuse of his imagination, his consciousness, and his will, the

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Antoine-Dubois — streets in the neighbourhood of the

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reaction in tuberculosis, numerous investigators attempted to

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tended to demonstrate that not all cubic centimeter amounts of

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Also, an atlas of twenty plates, mostly coloured, extra cloth. $4 50.

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Majesty's fatal illness and death. Tliis splendid institution,

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cow-sheds, as a rule, only for from 2 to 4 years, if no fresh

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gence was acute, there was blindness, head pain, and death by

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produce comjjlete anaesthesia. Braun's method of inducing regional

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suspended head down, granules were found in the retrosternal glands,

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of its secretion, it seizes on the first particle of food w r ith which it comes in

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cal science is encouraged by the establishment of courses

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is not usually damaged. The urine is scanty, high colored, and strongly

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which both portions are very short, and do not seem dis-

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an additional hour. If those who wish to accompany the party

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rhoea, owing to an irritation on the mucous glands of the lungs,

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Dr. J. E. Cowles, Los Angeles: I would commend the writer for his courage;

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his feet H belted knight at the accolado of llic royal Hword,

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chusetts to build a schoolhouse or a public hall with-

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physiological process of growing old, coming to an end, and

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the native born. This seems to be a further argument for

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stein, we find 57 of pleurisy, 46 of peritonitis, 40 of pericarditis, and 52 of

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