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than leucopenia, and marked leucocytosis often follows recovery from

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Particularly applicable to conditions of mal-nutrition.

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by ages has only been carried on for a little over fifty years.

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manding Officer a readjustment of sleeping hours. He has been eat-

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in the unheated normal serum. A precisely similar conclusion with

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preventive work of the Milk Fund Association, the Home Garden-

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in urgent haste. The surface of the body is cool ; the pulse is small and

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their circulating blood without any manifestations of the disease.

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small ruptured aneurism of the right internal carotid ar-

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to a dose that is capable of killing eighty rabbits or five dogs.

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was frequently washed and nitrate of silver applied to the mu-

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the city medical department examined with gross care-

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mology and Gynaecology, be made a specialty, only because it may not be

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sibility is often maintained several days. The condi-

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• we find disappearance of the sutures, prominences and elevations on the

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mucosa was atrophied and diffusely pigmented. Glands could be made

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can form but a very imperfect estimate of that terrible type which is so

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usually accused of having stinking feet really have stinking boots.

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eruption. I have used ichthyol in from six- to ten-per-cent. strength

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and reaching half-way to the umbilicus. On the left side a projecting

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and none in the fourth. Medicine is unrepresented in the

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" Herein, however, two cautions are required : one, that they do

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which some of these functions are liable to disturbance,

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In considering the practical question, how long iritis should

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cept water, for the space of forty-one days. From the

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