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botany). During my studies I earned part of my expenses by teaching
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Itamembei-s; and' it is its earnest desire to have a conference with
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and around the hospital, that he thinks it must be caused, in wounded and weak
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Eye & Ear Infirm. Rep., 1898, vi, 40-47.— Dor. Presenta-
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idiosyncrasies of the patient. In most cases five grains was the initial dose and
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in respect to the influence of the continuous | bility remains the same,
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nervous system than those just briefly alluded to. In the case
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soul is propagated hereditarily through the material physique."
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differential diagnosis is very important in these acute conditions
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A much-favored therapeutic measure is hydrotherapy,
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Hunter now made rapid way in practice. He was elected Surgeon-
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Mauritius. The men had been very healthy in their barracks, and
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than the coat of the intestines, and the mucous membrane of the
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Those who inherit rheumatic tendencies, or who have suffered from
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albuminous by-products of the activity of the tubercle bacillus. (Hoelscher
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It is divided into four large sections consisting of
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or r.ipidly encroached upon, till at last complete obstruction takes
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Note. Increase or decrease the belladonna, according
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the tincture of the chloride, the pill of the carbonate (Valleix's
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of the symptoms. The first symptom of non-paralytic
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others have followed an opposite plan Instances are not wanting where
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includes the cases where the retroversion is associated with healthy uterus
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the sediment on the slide; the acid dissolves the hyaline matrix,
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there were no signs of syphilis. The man had had chancres six years previously.
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1 -134 to 1 1.0 grain. He also recommends Methods of Purification of Public Water

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