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appearance at its cutaneous orifice. Hebra has, however, himself seen a

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could not possibly be followed throughout an anatomical

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from his business ; another will complain only of pain for

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At the beginning of the fifth month the placenta is

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The question here raised was based on too refined a speculation for a

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zeC W-SC Z'&J'ZCJ & st 2 Zssv /■/?/ Z^Tze z Z /z<rr W £& Z~/ sy Z Z r f z C*0

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down to even 6.5 or 6 per cent oxygen, while in others after a period

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being the size of a fist. Many of the organs were found to have

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greenish, cheesy pus has accumulated around it ; in

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Causes which Modify the Intensity of Radiant Heat. — -

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wasted, pale-yellow in color, and, in advanced cases, show a marked fibroid

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Bukharest, Sophia, Belgrade, Rustchuk, Tirnova, Montenegro, Galatz,

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thought he understood of the development of mammals. The main

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Although this treatment has been freely discussed in

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and compared it to the cuckoo building no nest of its

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of raising children upon heated milk, and find hundreds of in-

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nations, principally from Hungary. It is no wonder, therefore,

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syndrome — consisting for the most part in a confusion ad to time,

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may lie perfectly quiet or in a muttering delirium. From the words

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It may be said to a family living in the country that has an excel-

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bacterium it surrounds and digests the germ, thus checking further

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tion has been more or less defined and ascertained. Laws of

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the axillary wound I noted a reddish watery discharge

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Never bathe or open the eyes in cold water. It is always safest, best, and most

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disease would not suffice. The fact that uterine or

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de la cite, et meme de tout un pays. Civitatem non virum curabis."

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against the destruction of its traditiors Some of these

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3d. Gravitation in weak states of the circulation must be lopked

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