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finger far enough for him to feel the articular surface of the patella. Having
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these 75 per cent recovered ; 13 were tracheotomized, with 62 per cent recoveries.
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elastic tissue of the skin in certain parts. The lesions, which somewhat
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Inhalation of Creasote Vapor. — A visit was then made
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have been preceded by hemorrhages in the walls of the stomach. The
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Ehrlich and Wasserman obtained from goats healing serum twenty to
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sulphur or pyrethrum. The objection of cyanide fumigation is the
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prescribed, the best results can be obtained of which our present re-
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recorded the case of a young man into whose nasal passage
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rified lard 4 lb, veal suet 1 lb, juice of cucumbers 3 lb ; melt
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be required. Its effect on the skin is very apparent, though not imme-
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bladder contains a small amount of clear urine, and its lining is normal. The right ureter
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All to be taken at once after twenty-four hours' fasting,
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here that the operation was performed in the usual way at the
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Heating the organism at 60° C evidently destroys most of the
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Collenucius, Pandulpus. [Pliniana defensio adversus Nicolai Leoniceni
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The doctor's last clause, of his quotation, reads, "Would
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Diuretin or theobromine salicylate, from three to five
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cases there are but few or no symptoms, and when called, rupture
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gorged with dark blood. There was old minims of chloroform were applied on lint,
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roughen, wings droop, head drawn toward the body, giving the
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definite cause could be assigned for the affection;
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of diastole, of the previously tense jugular veins, may be referred
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with scurvy, although " purpuric" extravasations are common to
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was performed that night. Loops of small intestines

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