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of opisthotonos, both in children and in adults, aid in coming to a definite
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Sept. 22, 1915, the patient was put on a strict and constant diet which was
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more readily than vegetable. Still a certain proportion of vege-
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him in 1864, and was published in a memoir on inter-
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selves ; when symptoms of effusion, &c. come on, it is time enough to
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the eye only looking flushed, and watering son>e-
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than in temperate climates. It is interesting to note that recent experi-
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pigment appeared over various portions of the integu-
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complete treatise on the subiect in the English language.
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sufficed; in others, two or three had to be made. In all I
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they had died. As Malgaigne remarks : " A eulogy which
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dense ligamentous union of an oblique fracture of the tibia con-
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gested by German authors that the e\'il might be materially
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and together they are amply sufficient to establish the
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then remain to us a profound mystery, and the simplest correlation
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experience, obtains in a larger ratio of cases than is estimated by "Walshe, viz.,
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these things, let no one hinder them, but let them know that they are in danger of
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patient, is often most difficult to relieve. Bleeding in acute fevers
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ternal remedies, whether they be idiopathic affections of these oigans,
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ing cases in a couple of weeks. A creasote salicylic glycerinum
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A glance at tliis book will enable any one readily to
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Sedentary Occupations. — Sedentary occupations in themselves may
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arelli). (2) Cultures taken from the blood and organs
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employed provided a fresh supply is not at hand. It should be remem-
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room tables. It is convenient to be able to work off
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appear there. In such circumstances water is excreted by skin and
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fevers and inflammations of all kinds. The bowels should be
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^"^nally, we desire to acknowledge the constant kindness and

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