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suffering from the disease, and can be injected into healthy persons,
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antagonistic but supplementary to other schools, and just at the point
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enough so to interfere with common intercourse, until in April of 1838 she
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and put an end to the war between England and France. Its ravages in
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d'Astras: "Effect of Serum on the Uterus," "Soc. Med. de hop.," April, 1895, p.
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more wonders than any other equally soluble preparation. Within the
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the vigorous and temperate. Whatever, then, debilitates the system
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to secondary inflammation, and often has chilblains. He takes no notice of
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decapitated; (2) the stomach, on a second slide; and (3) the
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tuted. If this causes copious perspiration it should be with-
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blood-mass. Oerum 2 has also corroborated clinically the experimental evidence
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quently, capable of arrangement in the order or series of their
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pressing small pieces of fine Turkey sponge between the nail and the
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of twelve patients, twenty-five years ago, there are
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In some cases, I have found it advantageous to sup-
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of the extent to which the skin suffers inflammation. Sometimes
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few miimtes' immersion of a microscopical section in this solution is sufficient ;
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character is that barrack-mates and tent-mates of the victims of such
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tions to the chest and abdomen to relieve wakefulness.
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various extent and prominence, more or less hard and unyielding at the
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with the effete elements which ought to be discharged with the urine.
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exercise is theoretically prejudicial to the phthisical suffering from septi-
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should allow of easy inspection and cleansing; they
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sure explaining the diminished tension. I shall be for-
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about its exhibition. It is uevertheless a most valuable remedy and haas
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Reflexes. These very commonly show some alteration, but the findings

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