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with the water at 85° F. may also be used. Children, as a rule, however,

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years he has suffered with rheumatic or rhenniatico-gouty pains.

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there has been a reaction in favor of the doctrine tliat the most constant and

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uroerythrin. Difficulties can hence never arise in determining the

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tem. — British Med. Journ., Feb. 7, 1863, from Arch. G6n. de MSd., and Gaz.

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In the examples we are aboiit to give we deal only with those

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In the revision of 180 1 this Act was substantially re-

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value of a disinfectant chemical is determined by its

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ure. This is more especially the case in circular car-

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pressure in the supra-pubic or iliac regions. Internally, uterus pretty

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of purulent or, more generally, blood-stained sputum, in which

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being favorable, he was removed to his home in West

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condition. 3rd. The disappearance of the paralysis, commencing shortly

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weary of it, because twenty-two per cent of them are flesh-forming, give

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shows that there is no regularity in the occurrence of these com-

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Jersey; Dr. J. T. Linn, Indiana; and Geo. E. Waring,

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McDonald, A. A., Jackson Springs, X. c. Med. Coll.. 1905 1905 l 9i2

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local treatment of psoriasis is chrysarobin, (or chrysophanic acid).

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the first 3,000 admissions to the wards, being all of those who had at

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mater, and the cerebral convolutions. The most common actual

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sputum coincident with increase of symptoms but with negative results.

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The committee believes that it would be well for the con-

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pedient will suffice for a cut finger, it might be inapplicable to

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of the tongue and of the lips ; she can whistle and blow, but she can neither

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(Magnus and Schafer, Schafer and Herring) and the mammary gland

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