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on the disease, — the intermediate thing for which we sought ;

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seems, indeed, from fii-st to last, to have been the

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Medical Repository, briefly and practically illustrate this

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successive nights, to one or a million of human beings, without any appreciable

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fluential meeting of gentlemen was held on the 26th inst.,

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the hypnotized person, received, adopted, absorbed we

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tion, had not as yet met his eye; but from the tenor of

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world. In fact, Washington City is, by these insti-

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cept the patrol wagon manned by three policemen only.

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and so also was the aorta. The left ventricle contained some loose very dark

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are more who call it a diffuse cerebro-spinal neurosis, or

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always acute, stimulating diuretics should be avoided

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face of the body, especially of the last named child, •was covered

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4. Xestle's infant's meal, in which a good Swiss milk in concentrated

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really deceived in this way; and if they have been, they

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less state of apathy when old people are confined to bed.

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Gull which I \vill give you directly. But here let me

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degree that the eyelids are closed. As the swelling of the face

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^ Amorican Journal of Obaletrics, September, 189 :i.

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their completeness. Altogether this large and handsome work may be

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the means by which the violence was offered. In hanging, the impression

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ing action, slightly elongate it and lessen its transverse diameters,

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neighbouring lymph glands are caseous. Numerous tubercles and

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