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the results obtained do not confirm the results of Eppinger and of King

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frequently to swelling than to ulceration of the vocal cords ; the tume-

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From that time the child got better, and in about four weeks was cured. It acted like

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should have mild farinaceous diet, milk, chicken -broth,

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of ligatures. Then, again, we may meet with those uncomfortable sequelae as the

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bund, and the second a female taken with small-pox, -where every means proved

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explanation of the improvement was they had the proper

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should these be required, as has been said, in the case of a

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Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Anesthesia and Int. Med. Radioscopist. Pathologist.

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neck of the right humerus, with laceration of the cap-

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Enrollment of children between 4 and 20 in public schools..

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tinue, the buboes are slow to suppurate, their pus is serous and

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although differing markedly in degree according to the virulence of the in-

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where the specific germs or poisons are able to multiply; and for

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their state or condition to this affection. The red

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will be found to reduce themselves to one — namely, that

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well marked in the graphs of Newcastle, Bristol and Dublin. This same

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With tlie view of obtaining exact estimates of the antipyretic

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this is often added an extension of the cervical spinal cord, and an in-

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sufficient good sense to know when to stop. Assuming, how-

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hepatitis) or a more generalized peritonitis. An acute peritonitis may

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^phthisis have proved worthless. The Medical Times and Ga-

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successful cases statistically reported were aged 55 and 59,

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never been followed by relapse. — British Medical Journal.

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the cases ; but it may be proper that I should make some further

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