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age, four to five drops three to four times a day, the dose to

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This is, we believe, the first case which has been reported in

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antiseptics in ojilitlialmic surgery. [ Alistr.] Brit. M. J.,

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L. P., aged forty years ; merchant ; complains of dyspnoea

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treated him with mercurial laxaiives, Dover's powder

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be benefited by treatment at Carlsbad. The fact re-

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should it be a matter of surprise to find the reproduc-

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referred to the middle and lower third of the affected side of the chest,

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yses further than to mention specially one form, that is

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When recruiting physicians, they often state or strongly

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An increased elimination is notably observed in association with

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advantage is taken of two well-known facts : (i) That tlie

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and this considerably enhances their scope. The possibility of

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acteristic " festooning" of the border of the patch is in circles whose

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extremely thin. If the submaxillary or sublingual gland is closely

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life without considering vigorous, dedicated, and effective programs

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instruction, he is able to make his lectures interesting and of the

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Journal of Med. Sci.' Jan. 1848, 305.) Hence we may infer, that if the

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cian are referred to a public medical officer, or the coroner,

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by the appearance of cardiac shock, the result differing in this respect from

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â– earthy phosphates are increased in amount, and the

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up from the different points at which it had been formed, and

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after some months, 97 per cent, of the organic matter, a

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yellow, but dingy, like what takes place from the ex-

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F represents the eye lens for magnifying the image. Beyond

periactin uk wiki

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