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his theory under the name of the hepatic theory. Bernard looked at the

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of the last one received. The diminution in the number of sub-

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cian by a little study of climatic conditions obtaining will be able

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will detect tiiis by sinking into the cheesy material.

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stock, " Leonardo as Anatomist," in Charles Singer's

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mission is primarily to conserve manpower so far as it can be

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with the anchor of faith, as the controlling influence in this life.

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It is a useful application for sore and cracked teats. The

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laxed. Ice was now applied to various parts of the lower

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ding and driving. It obviously increases the rider's power

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the out-patients' department for the past month for hyperaesthesia of the

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early ones of Busse and Bushke, and of Curtis. These are of quite

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and ideas form judgments. People should think, ponder, consider

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ery from syphilis. He is now apparently free from the

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recurring supply of acid. There is evidence that fermentation is set up

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riving, he drove up with a rush, walked in with a grandilo-

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both he and the spectators, think, and report, it, a successful case. Btfi

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We see, then, that he gives a very clear-cut history of a

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