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Once in from four to six hours I give (Squibb's) car-

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it was negative. Therefore, I feel that I must be very careful

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Of the towns near, but not adjacent to these rivers,

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their guest. This child was seen by Dr. J. C. Moore of Duncan, S. C, who

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early stage of delirium is productive of the best re-

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chronic ailments, we now find osteopaths working day

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Numerous test-meals have been offered to the profession, but those that

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his end, and wants to have his last will made, so that there is not a moment

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reflect upon the reports of the residents' experiei ces, it

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caused the third sound to disappear, and to be replaced by a

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of any pen but Shakespeare's." William Harvey was born,

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Which will have the most serious eft'ect in deranging the

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negative except for shght pallor of inner zone of cortex due to deposition of fat.

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Dr. H. believes that trachelismus and phlebismus take place during sleep —

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any aneurysmal bulji^ing at all, nor any sign of pre^ure ; but the radio-

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foetus. The foetal circulation will then cease, but the epithelium of

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from changing the remedy as long as benefit results from its employ-

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"Whitley, near Newcastle, on Tuesday week, by Lord Wark-

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ease, I do believe that the fever thermometer, in this

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. Congestion to the chest and head ; aft. 20 min. j-}-q-jj»

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bronchial infection aggravates any asthma, we do not feel that

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which are not diphtheritic may hide theftaselves," and is

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age of perforating to jjenetrating wounds which it is liable to inflict, relative

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narcotic, quality of the over-ripe grasses." — ( Veterinary Papers

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large quantities of fluid, because the marked increase of pressure thus produced

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347). Keep the parts dressed with the Carbolic Acid lotion, and

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bringing the ends out of the vaginal outlet for drain-

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