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Errors and misspelled words are not uncommon. Dyspa-
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dusts it over with iodoform powder, and then brings
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arm of a friend, eventually these aids ceased to be of use, and I
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during the attack of rheumatic fever. Taken altogether
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pervious ; and sometimes there is permanence of oedema.
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Absence of Pancreas. — Entire absence of the pancreas was
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nal conformation of body, and the diversities to which they give rise.
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to use ten to twenty grammes (two and one half to five drachms)
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inches and a half in length. The patient was again taken to
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vomiting; a very scanty secretion of urine, which is sometimes
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danger lif-'. Thes.' cases all recover,'d after protracted
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Faculty of Medicine," 1889, p. 229 ; also, J. C. Hem-
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with the actual results of his labors. Himself imbued
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obstacle being the partial dislocation of the astragalus. An
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1814, ami was graduated tVom the Medical Department of the
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. Edition. With Coloured Plates. 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d.
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pressure; the firmness of the grasp, which never slips; the
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cance when the country was new, it surely demands our at-
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important functions of nutrition and secretion, which office so
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acid crystals. Uric-acid concrements varying in size from
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New York Academy of Medicine to memorialize Congress to
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To Phyllis Smith, Annie Thompson leaves her dancing eyes.
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spire a laudable emulation, and improve the medical
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