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may by the aid of a mirror see the pupil enlarge. We ought thua

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These attacks of mania, says the author, are especially char-

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scopical appearance of muscular tissue affected with rigor mortis is

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around the chest, covered with a thick dry one, and held firmly

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P. .S. .Since writing this letter. I am ashametl to ;isk you. so 1 after the

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responds very nearly to that of the rainfall in such a way that the

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for his benefit, and equally he can sway those votes

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incidence rate approximately equal to that of the whole group, but their

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Soc. fran9. de dermat. et syph., Par., 1899, x, 462.— I.iOwe

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tem throughout the whole body, clasping the vessels as the tendril of

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the upper three quarters of the olivary bodies contains a wedge-

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used for its larger companion, and these two branches should always be dealt with

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attic or upper portion of the tympanum. To Dr. Tansley, of New York, is

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are committed to improving quality in our state, and it

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the application of the natural history method to the

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we will report later. The signs as seen in the radiogram are: emphy-

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* In Commonwealth, v. Capie and Emmons. In this case the prisoners had been

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more troublesome ; but, generally speaking, the latter as well as the

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Appel, D M., Assistant-Surgeon. — Assigned to duly at

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more than one-third of the distance from its base. The fundus uteri itself

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Inflammation of the capsule of the spleen occurs in arteriosclerotic

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which usually is located in the epiplryseal ends of bones, primary synovial

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port and refutation : — we refer to the supposed freedom from

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mal seizures may require increased dosage of standard anti-

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tuite; projet de la commission do la Cbambre des d6piit6s;

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of collapse from which he never recovers ; in some he is suffocated by

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