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time immemorial, but with the new results of living experience
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imposed on by his attendants, and by the subordinate
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''lager-bier." A parallel case had been recently cited
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it from this solution. Concentrated nitric acid dissolves it with a blood-red
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(iii.) a few brown translucent granules resembling amorphous
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Surg., Pbila., 1899, xxix, 449-454.— Jones {C.N. D.) Con-
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respiration : she died in about an hour. On inspection, the pericardium
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ensue from this cause. The branches of the portal vein are compressed,
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the knife coniph ted its final removal from the body, leaving a
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patients in such a condition on the use of digitalis, which very
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of urine, which, flowing over the thighs and legs, excoriates the
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medical evidence showed that a child had lived, and that it was living when!
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the murmur diminishes with the prolongation, the murmur being insensibly
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difficulty did not prevent him from being up and walking freely about the
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disease may appear in unusual and obscure the compensation is apparently perfect.
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cordial mixture, at 4s. ; 3 vomits, at 2s. 6d. each ; 2 drachms of
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monary tuberculosis. In one, for example, he will ob-
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that a female feeds .on blood once a day in nature, but tliis is a
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increase in size on the third to fourth day, when the wall of the cyst
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drop as dropped from a vessel ; while a minim is always the
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gitis strain begin almost always virulent while the res-
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of New York, of the Medical Society of the State of New Y^ork,
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has been. He requires that all persons who have been in
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