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common carotid or the subclavian artery. Again, to line

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Last February he was released, through the efforts of one of our "phi-

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bulance, on Washington's birthday, February 22, 1889. He was

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cesses; as by means of water and from the air. Lime is found in

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10. Hubbard, R. S., and Wright, F. R.: .Jour. Biol. Chem., 1921, 50, 366.

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who were in a profound sleep, and on whom this stimu-

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" which relates exclusively to (the army surgeon's) private

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drainage tube, having a little bulb at one end, is then inserted into the uterine

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It is not always that the persistent retention in the bladder of a

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for its true office is as yet unknown, the spleen. The large intestines

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Type 1. — Pernicious malarial fever with hemoglobinuria.

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Hannover, Minden, Cologne; December 16 to 20: Leipsic, Wiirzburg,

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discussion of the value of cecostomy in the management

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tention of the remedy are rather respective to the disease as

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were dry and looked like ginger sprinkled on the napkin.

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the syringe, after being tilled with blood, and its nozzle and

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I think it might be advisable to make a longitudinal section along

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Reduction of Hernia, assisted by plac- \ blow over the left eye from a heavy harness

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but at an early and curable stage, when it would probably have

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onds, even if the solution is as weak as possible. If

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measuring the degree of the condition. The curvature may not

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obliges us to say of it, that we have either been very unfortu-

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sanitary condition of the premises to which it is proposed to

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thrown into folds or bars, from eighteen to twenty in number,

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fully ; but there remain inveterate cases which demand

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disinfectant. As is well known, of all substances it

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He came, therefore, for the first time to London, with twenty

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