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stone 3 lbs. — within 6 lbs. of my usual weight. On putting a
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and of very short duration, and hence is often absent when the
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Case 5. — tiiiiislint nf km, li,/ rii;,fli,t R,;ini iii/tiiii, ixdiber .Jfii. ■wifhiji'iietrutiini uf
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in importance. According to this view, the object is to destroy the parasites
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membranous ; but when the objects are so minute, it is quite impossible
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following conclusions drawn by Dr. Negrier : — 1st, that scrofulous
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• A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Medicine, Philadelphia, 1868.
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Brumpt has recently advocated the xenodiagnostic method. Thus, in a number
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This work is an attempt on the part of its distinguished author to
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affect the AMA are the issues of society and reflect how society deals with
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in the anterior part of the brain. He could indorse
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The base of the cranium, within, exhibits three regions, anterior,
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gestion of the delightful fellowship — the one with the other —
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balances and weights, oil, fat, marrow, honey, salt,
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are observed in the great majority of cases presenting the characteristic typhoid
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amounts, thirst being a fair guide as to the amount, yet a total of more
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both directions, I think it not unlikely that you will
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we choose, even the range of accommodation. For this purpose
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succeeding extravasion of blood ; and as this acci-
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gatives are not admissible ; and he relies on enemata
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The heart. The right side of the heart always contains clot. The
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its working members accused of being unpliilosophical and
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an abscess of the hand and middle finger. In this case no
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We intend to introduce here a few figures from a large and mixed
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mirror, and of successfully applying remedial agents to the
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phragm in respiration have followed certain mathematical lines.
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incoordinate rather than paretic or paralytic defects of speech. We may
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Iodoform in a pill or capsule in doses of ^ to 3 grains (0.032-0.2) has been

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