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suturing is relied u|)on exclusively, the time required
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on third base. As Osier paraphrases, "A man is sane morally at thirty, rich
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Mechanical treatment Jor bow4eg. Of the innumerable
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Raulin's fluid, characteristic. Cohn's solution, characteristic.
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infection is carbolic acid. In cases seen late, in which the septic
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tumors. Most patients had undergone previous radia-
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2. The following instructions are issued with a view to coordinat-
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present. But of diseases, whatever be their kind, if
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myelocytes, and some as myeloid pseudoleukemia. (See Kahler's disease, p. 841.)
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to the 14th day, in approximately one-half the cases,
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chest, and none could be made out by measurement. There was,
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bers, regardless of their health. This means those who
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rate his fallen energies, so much as the abrupt and sometimes total
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performance of the action. But, on arriving at the edge
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greater obfcurity. A predifpofition to abortion in fome indi-
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with ulceration. It should, however, be stated that in
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the above lot which are found to contain more than 25 per cent of fat
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Secondly the use of the serum obtained, if potent, would avoid a
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he next victims. Thuggism, as formerly perpetrated in India by a certain
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this disorder. The interests of physicians keeping the bowels open with salines,
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not be removed, even in part ; that the operation is at-
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malaria may be mentioned. The cause in some cases may be a neuritis,
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the other hand been held that tuberculous matter is essentially composed of a
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Their frequent removal and readjustment, which is abso-
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orthopEedic procedure. Med. Rec, N. T., 1896, xlix, 112-

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