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a characteristic rusty or blood-stained appearance. The physical signs rarely
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edition, notwithstanding the many rivals it has had to contend
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(l(Mlfrniat. cta.vpli., Par.. lK9i). .3. s., x, 2.i8-2Gl. Aho : Hull.
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ing and propulsion of the contents of these canals from the cephalic to
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this fact which first raised the famous theorem of Harvey to the high
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-tions paralysis agitans and disseminated sclerosis were usually confounded
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less, and soon become even destitute, have availed themselves
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county with evidence that he had studied according to the pro-
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V. 2. Parte .speciale: Zoppicature di piede, questioni
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remittent fever of summer and autumn, and is produced gen-
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A hopeless prognosis under the circumstances was given.
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depended on the amount and duration of the intra-ureteral pressure,
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bered that early in the development of our knowledge
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it be a fact. It might also be asked why, if the eating
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side from mid spine to mid sternum with broad strips of adhesive plaster
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right side of tlie neck was a large mass, the size of a cocoa-nut,
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they were examples of the ha3morrhagic diathesis, rather than of true
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written such a work is a matter for regret ; that he should have seen fit to
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but these, he notes, are uncorrected for age-distribution. He turns,
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There was no history of blindness in the family. Five
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pus, but to the opening of some of the biliary canals which
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proved their utility in a great variety of cases, in affections
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suture that would last for three weeks was all that was
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ing these lectures was his principal undertaking, and the mode
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