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isease is said to follow very quickly after the bite, and, also, when seve-

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lower portion of the limg in front w&b Jinfi crrjntuii.

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average value for them given in this paper can be used. If this is

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Cause of Oriental sore (Delhi sore). Morphologically in-

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daughter of Donald Smclair, M.D. , Peckbam, Surrey, niece of bir John.

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manifestations of chlorosis — or "green sickness" — may be narrated at the

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The immediate cause of death is a subject of great practical as

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steady and useful living One must not only teach self-

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pation, cause of death, marital condition, etc. These cards

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condition is the existence of sugar in more or less abundance everywhere

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toward hopelessly ill patients. N Engl J Med 1984; 310:955-9.

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one to two milliamperes being used for three to five minutes,

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hysterical stigmata. Therefore, he agreed with Dr. Ormerod that one was

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Eosinophils were generally absent during the attack.

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lately existed, in France, by which infants must be taken within a

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out carbonate of sodium or of potassium ; lathering with castile

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evacuation of the aqueous humour through the large corneal

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interesting when presented in so attractive a form as in these volumes.

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of the epiglottis, is attended with great pain upon deglutition, and consti-

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be replaced for another indefinite period, coupled with the accidents

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respiratory murmur show the presence of lung. The heart's impulse is sup-

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general peritonitis. Perforation sometimes happens after adhesions have

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priety be called mental incapacity. In this condition a feebleness of pur-

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