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there is to be rubbed into the diseased parts a little of an ointment com-
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on. No tissue will hold. You are reduced then, with
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paroxysms of whooping-cough. The lines of the face are
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one may find, as in carcinoma, pain in the chest, radiating to the back
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it shows depressions corresponding to the lines of contact with the ribs.
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teachers of nursing and superintendents of hospitals.
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the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the week
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the hospitals and the secretaries of the three medical
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Action upon the Blood. — According to Borissoff, who
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... in children of 5J to 11 years of age.] Trudi Obsh.
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The irritation in and around the uterus does not subside for
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which may be found after death, are due to coincident affections or com-
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with ears at opposite sides by which to [suspend or
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three pounds of sulj)hur to a room ten feet square, and in-
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midsternum. There is a short presystolic thrill palpable at
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threw light upon the pathogenesis of the condition in the non-pregnant. It
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appearance in some cases. But when this failed, it has yielded to washing
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By them, however, the science of medicine has often been tinged
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tory of medicine, there are some familiar names in the regis-
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not always strictly adhere to them. When one acknowledges that
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appears to be involved. The optic nerve is unaffected, likewise the
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Art. I. Description and Treatment of Cutaneous Dis-
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steady and useful living One must not only teach self-
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incm'able. Ruysch says: — ^'' hunc affectum sospius a me visum ast

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